Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sail Away

 I pulled out this scene out of my box of unfinished scenes and decide to have another go of it. The original scene was made from plain cardstock and stamped in black, blue and brown ink. I decided to spice up the shore with multi colors just like the stones found along the shoreline. The larger rocks were colored with various colors and defined with a fine black marker. Yellow and orange was added to the blue sky.  A white gel pen was added to the water, shore and around the rocks. The reeds are defined with a dark brown color. One down and too many more to finished~ ENJOY!

I forgot to mention that instead of re inking the scene, I used prisma watercolor pencils and fine tip pens. It was so much easier to add depth and change the perspective of the scene.
~Stampscapes Rubber Stamps


  1. There is a great depth in this! So beautifully made and cheerful with the colours on the beach/sand and in the sky! Hugs, Gerrina

  2. This is gorgeous Deanna, I love the colour you've given to the stoney shore line and the colour in the sky.

    Sue x

  3. Hi Deanna, gosh how could I have missed so many gorgeous creations on your blog...time slips bye and gets away from us all, everything is just so annie and thanks for dropping into my blog, if you do that often I won't forget to visit you. Each day for the past two weeks I have sat up to 10 hours at the hospital with my dad..xx


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