Monday, April 8, 2013

Horizons at Sunset

Here are a few more scenes that were created during Saturday's Stamp Therapy Session~ENJOY!

These are photos that were taken during the final stages of the sunset. The photos were taken about 15 minutes apart from each other to show the drastic changes in color and depth of the sky. 
Both Cards are made with Archivers Black Ink and glossy photos.

This picture was taken to captured the tree line in the bottom.This is a simple photoscape that doesn't require much stamping or details because it is a low horizon with all the details in the sky.  Stampscapes :Leafless Limbs,Geese in Flight and Sentiment 

 I made this scene with a high horizon in mind. More stamps were added to put the focus in the middle and bottom sections to even out the scene.  Stampscapes: Ledge, Bear, Reeds, Pine Tree and Ducks in Formation 


  1. More stunning scenes Deanna, you've certainly been very busy with the stampscape stamps. I love the bears in the bottom scene. I'm hoping to buy some of the new stamps at a show at the weekend.

    Thank you for the lovely comments you left me earlier.

    Sue x

  2. It looks like the photo´s on there own where alreay beautiful, but you made them intoo two fine Artworks! I still love to see what you make! Warm greetings, Gerrina


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