Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tropical Stampscape Scene

School is open...YEA!  I can clean or create..CREATE it is!
 Last year was spent cleaning and organizing. The goal this year is to complete all unfinished projects. I had some extra cards and mats left over from my tropical class. I saw this inspiration picture and went to work. I forgot how much  fun this technique is to make with all the beautiful colors blended together. The orange, yellow, brown and black colors in this card were perfect for the challenge at FYI.
For Your Inspiration #38 

This inspiration photo  is such a beautiful masterpiece of nature. The beautiful contrast of dark curvy lines against the vibrant colors is amazing. My inspiration I found in the photo was the depth field it created with the limb in the foreground. The scene draws you in further to focus on the curved ground and limbs. I wanted my scene to focus on the light color shimmering on the ocean as the sun goes down and the birds fly away. ~ENJOY!

The background scene is composed of 4 colors from Adirondack Dye Ink: Sunshine Yellow, Sunset Orange, Mountain Rose and Hazelnut. The scene was stippled with a medium stipple brush working from light to dark ink.
055 F Ledge with Brush  was stamped first followed by Sm. Seaside Cove#308 G, 123 F Palm Stalks, Fond #2 & #3 and 302 A Gulls.
TIP: Always have a black marker available in case something doesn't stamp perfect to touch up.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Lighthouse Photoscape

 Then this awesome snow cloud came in front of the sun. I did nothing to the sky or sun just stamped the bottom and right side with Stampscapes.~ENJOY!

This scene was stamped with the Rocks and Cliffs and Lg Lighthouse from Stampscapes. I colored the scene with Distress Markers and a white gel pen. I then sprayed it with KRYLON Finishing protector.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snowy Cabin

The picture was taken in 2011. I stamped the scene with Stampscapes and Staz On Jet black Ink. Then it was colored in with Distress Markers and then I manipulated the color with my finger to remove color and keep building the tones. A white gel pen was added for snow and to lighten dark tones.  I then sprayed the scene with Krylon Finish to protect it from fading. Dye ink tends to fade over time in light. So it is important to protect it with some type of clear protector. Plus it really enhances the color nicely with all various tones that are layered, as seen in this close up picture. I added a lot of various tones as you can see from the original photo. I usually like to add a living image to make a living scene. Okay I know I over think this way too This photo I added a warm glow from the windows to make it appear that a family made this scene their home. It gives it a warm and cozy feel on a bitter cold day.

The picture to the left is a before and after. This will give you a better idea with what I was working with.
This is an entry for Craft A Scene.

The Stampscape Stamps are:
147 F Lakeside Cabin,196 F Pine Tree,
122 F Bare Branch

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pearl Earrings

 I came across a little bag with a broken necklace belonged to my husband's grandmother. It was going to be tossed while they were cleaning out her home. I made my daughter these earrings using some of the  pearls so she will have a keepsake from her Great Grandmother.
My inspiration:For Your Inspirations Challenge #37.   

Your probably wondering how this picture was my inspiration. If you look at the tower I was drawn in by the shape of it and the contrast of the color. I found a bead cap close to the shape and with the pearl it was perfect. The Ab Swarovski  Crystal on top reflects blues and greens when the light touches just right. The design was kept simple and elegant.~Enjoy!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Blue- Misty Moonlight

The scene background was created with alcohol ink. I did not mask the moon but created this technique of dropping blending solution where I want the color to disappear. I discovered this technique one night while cleaning up and it spilled on a scene. I still believe that there are no accidents in art just creative opportunities. I then stamped a scene using dye ink and Stampscape Stamps. Then a  mist was created with Snow Cap pigment ink and the foreground was stamped in Staz On Jet Black Ink~ENJOY!

Alcohol Ink Adirondack: Sailboat Blue, Stone Wash, Twilight Purple
Dye Ink: Adirondack Denim and  D.I. Stormy Sky 
Stampscapes: 222F Twisted Pine, 188F Rocky Peaks, 018E Cloud Cumulus, 253D Tall Grass, 027A Ducks in Formation

Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Photoscape

Welcome 2013!
The scene was created from a photo using Stampscapes and Art Impression. Distress Ink, Staz On and White gel pen.