Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reflections of North


This is a scene made from Stampscapes.
 Scene was completed in 3 weeks.

   The scene was stamped in Black Staz On. The number of stamps was between 18-20 stamps. Water colored with Distress Ink re-inkers and fine brushes. Love black and white with sections painted out~ plan to experiment more. The goal was to achieve contrast of colors for depth.



  1. Boah, Deanne, this is a Masterpiece of art. Really wonderful stamping and coloring. I love it

  2. What an astonishing piece of work... the stamping is astounding - assembled brilliantly for design and perspective - wonderful!
    Alison x

  3. Deanne,
    This is just breathing, I'm really new at stampscapes and a scene like this is something I can only dream about.

  4. Deanna, you are truly an artist! This is a stunning picture in feel, composition and colouring. It showcases what can be done with Stampscape stamps with an artist behind them. A real family heirloom!
    Can I ask what surface of watercolour paper you use? I've tried NOT and it doesn't allow a really crisp stamp impression. Do you use HOT - I've never used it, but wondered if it would help or just make the painting stage more difficult! Thanks :)

  5. Thanks Helen, You are correct about the watercolor surface it was blotchy and only half of the scene would stamp. I have not tried HOT press yet either. I know I should it might have solved all the steps in this project. I used the thickest card stock I had. It happened to be from the 1970's it was used for key punching on old IBM computers. It was being discarded and was given for projects. After I blended the colors with water I dried it immediately so it would not wrinkle and sometimes dried it lightly with a paper towel. There are parts that did wrinkle and I ironed it out on the back with a low heat and very carefully. I re inked my Staz On ink pad before I stamped for a crisp image. I hope this helps. I am planning to experiment with various watercolor paper. I think a lot can be done with this media and there has to be an easier Thanks Again :)

  6. What a great art work! I've been browsing through your blog and saw so many beautiful creations! Best wishes for Christmas and a good 2013 to you and your family! Greetings, Gerrina

  7. WOW, Deanne! This is really fabulous! All is harmoniously combined: fine colors, a difficult composition from stamps!
    The condition of the nature is perfectly transmitted!


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