Thursday, August 23, 2012

OLC Note Of Thanks

Challenge at One Layer Wednesday by Ardyth this week: Make a one layer card inspired by your favorite school subject.

STUMPED...thinking of subjects and no stamps for one layer. I might have to sketch something....yikes.
        THINK    THINK     THINK 
 Clearing the cobwebs from the brain. I'm remembering all those electives we had to take in high school to graduate: Swimming, Typing, Etc. 
 Oh..I have a typewriter stamp...perfect.
Freshman typing class was a favorite subject. But I am afraid it was for the wrong reasons. I remember the teacher told me to chew cool was that in school. I discovered I typed faster and accurate while chewing gum. Plus it kept me from talking to my girlfriends who could type and talk....LOL

The card was masked and stamped with Inkadinkado Inchie and Pumice Stone Distress Ink. I did this until the whole square was covered in Thank you's. Then sponged some more ink all around. Stamped the Typewriter with Archival Black~(Stamp? from Archivers Store). I scored and embossed all around the square to stand out to hide the fact the sentiment(Inchie)is crooked~ENJOY!


  1. Love your back story! Too funny! Thanks so much for playing along with my first OLW challenge!

  2. That's was a funny story, Deanna! And awesome job thinking of typing for your subject matter. I loved my typing class (hated the teacher), but have no typewriter stamp, so I'm glad you represented so well!!

  3. Now that brings back a memory! I learned to type on a big old Underwood, with blanked out keys. But not at school as it was frowned upon - well positively discouraged. Love the typewriter font background.

  4. I didn't have a typewriter stamp or I might have used that too! I LOVED typing. When I left high school, I was typing about 110 words per minute...I could fly on a keyboard. I find that my speed (and accuracy) have greatly decreased in the past....(oh...40+ years)! LOL!! Love the card!

  5. I learned how to type on this puppy. Well done. Thanks for visiting and leaving the luv. Hugs

  6. Great masking and scoring! I didn't even notice that the sentiment was crooked. Sounds like you had a wise typing teacher!

  7. I love this. I never got to chew gum when I learnt to type! It is certainly the best skill to have though.


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