Thursday, June 21, 2012

Knitting Ruffle Scarves

Good morning, the weather has been has been 90' or better. I have been sitting here making scarves..LOL Thank goodness for air conditioning and ceiling fans. My daughter and I went downtown for a day out. We walked into the yarn store and I fell in love with these scarves. I am hoping to teach my daughter how to knit this summer. Well let's just say I'll keep trying to convince her there is no age limit on knitting. Now that I finished the scarves, hopefully I will get to wear these at some point. She didn't like them in the store but now they're in her closet! The scarf on the left is made from 6 stitches knitted with Circulo Tecido Trico`100% polyester fabric (Middle pic) size 10 needles. The one on the right is made from Tu Tu yarn with 7 stitches knitted with size 10 needles. These are called RUFFLE SCARVES~ENJOY!


  1. Your scarves look lovely. Very chic. x

  2. lovely - and very therapeutic to knit scarves - sometimes the making is actually better than the final item x

  3. Very pretty! :-)

  4. The scarves are absolutely wonderful! Another reason I wish I knew how to knit.


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