Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stampscape Scene on Colored Glass Tutorial

This technique is what I use for my projects. There are many other ways to color glass out there on the web so find one that you feel comfortable with. This is for decorative use only. Please do not use any cleaner on the decorative side. Just use a  dry lint free cloth to wipe off dust or finger pints. 

1. Wipe off the decorative glass with rubbing alcohol on both sides. Make sure there is no wipe marks left on the glass. We will be using only one side to create the design. Work on scrap white paper to help see the progression of color as we start adding it.

2. Using Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Sunshine Yellow and a blending tool with felt pad, start tapping very quickly over entire side with color. Let it dry and tap more on if there is spots that you do not like. If it is too dark add Blending Solution to same pad and tap lightly over glass to lighten color.

3. I made a mask of  half circle out of card stock to represent sun. If you use tape to hold down it will create a mask. Tape under mask will pull the ink off glass. Hold in place with your finger.

4. We are now going to be progressively adding various colors to create the sun using same pad from before. The next color added is Sunset Orange tapping over mask and covering top layer of glass.

5. Leaving some of orange color showing and moving toward the top of  glass you will see the progression of color tap in Wild Plum using same pad. ( We are using the same pad so the color will blend naturally).

6. Using a clean dry felt pad I tapped over entire glass and to remove excess ink and blend colors.

7. Last color is Purple Twilight to the top of glass. Again using original felt pad. This is a fast process. If it does dry out add Blending Solution to pad with the color to re-activate the other colors.

8. Remove mask and to expose the half circle. Using new felt pad tap lightly over color progression. The spot you see in the design is on the paper and not the glass. We use the white paper for this reason to see the color and design more clearly.

9. With a piece of card stock, cover bottom of glass.

 10. New felt pad and 3 colors at once added to pad were Sail Boat Blue, Stream and Stone wash. Tapping to cover bottom of glass.

11. Remove mask and you have a sun setting/rising behind the ocean/lake. Taking a new dry felt pad again and tap lightly over entire glass to pick up excess or blend colors.

12. After it has dried, I sprayed 2 coats with Krylon Clear Finish that is for glass. Please let it dry between coats. There are other products out there for class sealers but this is what I had on hand for the project. I use a box top to spray in.

13. Stamping image on a piece of white paper gives you the opportunity to put it behind your glass to see were it will look the best. This technique is priceless because  you don't want to stamp your image on before you decide if you like it or not. If by chance this happens, you can wipe it off quickly if it is still wet but will have to do damage control by adding some more alcohol ink where the color was damage. If you can not save it then you can start over by wiping rubbing alcohol or Blending Solution over entire glass to remove all contents then wash with hot water. Even though this is sad you will always have your glass to start fresh again. So please take the extra time and plan your image.

14. I used Stampscape Palm Island cling which gave me the opportunity to align on top of  image that is under glass. You can do the same with wooden stamps. You just have to accommodate for the wood.
15. Stamp image with ink that is for non porous surfaces. If the color is not intense enough then feel free to go back over in a permanent ink pen. I used a fine tip drawing pen. You can also use a fine tip sharpie. Continue with this process  until you desire scene is created. Stamps used were Palm Island and Gulls from Stampscape.

 16.This process has to be fast and wiped off immediately. I wanted more textured with the water so I added alcohol ink to a felt pad and tapped it onto my Stampscape Sm Wave cling and quickly stamped onto the glass. Then clean it immediately. Alcohol can dry out your rubber stamps so make sure you work quickly and clean immediately. After scene is created then spray with 3 coats of Krylon Spray. Please let dry between coats.

17. This is the finished decor. One side of the glass decor with have a matted feel with design on it and the other will be the original glass feel. You can hang this up in the window or on a peg. Remember this is for decorative use only. Please do not use cleaner on the scene side. To see the lighthouse scene on glass go to my previous post-ENJOY!


  1. Wow, that's a great scene on glass. Thank you for the workshop.

  2. WOW!!! This is FANTASTIC!!! Like magic)

  3. I know this word is overused at times, but it really applies in this case - STUNNING!!! What a fantastic result from your work. I will be passing this on to my daughter who loves anything like that. Thank you for your visit and your kind comments on my scene. I think your glass creations should qualify for that challenge. Have a good week. xx Maggie

  4. Wow this is stunning. What a great technique, I shall bookmark this for future reference. Thank you for your recent visits to my blog and you kind comments on my scenes.

    Sue x

  5. Deanna, Thanks for such a great tutorial. I am going to try you technique when my tropical stamps arrive from Stampscapes. Thanks for joining us again at Craft a Scene. NancyD

  6. What a wonderful tutorial and a gorgeous scene. This will make a fabulous gift. Good luck and thanks for joining in on the fun at Craft a Scene.

  7. Wow, this is GORGEOUS, a very nice scene!

  8. Thank you very much for this fabulous tutorial.
    The end result is breathtaking....
    I've never seen anything like this!
    Great job!


  9. Very cool project and tutorial.


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