Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glitter Cards

Glitter Ritz
Art Glitter
 It has been tradition  that my mom and I get together and experiment with new stuff or techniques. Tonight my mom brought over her new glitter. We  got out stencils and tried various techniques. We ended up trying 2 different kinds of glitters with the same scene to see the difference. 

 She tried Glitter Ritz which gave her sample a nice subtle sparkle. I tried  Art Glitter which gave my sample real intense sparkle.  We had fun and were pleasantly surprised at how different each sample turned out. We ended at 9pm with tons of glitter on us and on the floor. No matter how careful you try to put it back into those little jars, there is always some that refuses to be contained. Buddy helped  by laying in the glitter. The cards are stunning. It 's hard to see in the pictures. Give them both a try if you haven't. They are a nice addition to your crafting-ENJOY!       

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