Monday, March 26, 2012

Stampscape Moonlight

.This moon picture was taken when we had the most beautiful moon I had ever scene. It was large and orange at first and then as it kept rising it turned in to this beautiful cream. My poor hubby drove me everywhere so I could get it with out the city lights. I wanted to stampscape a scene on it, but didn't want the traditional pigment ink instead tried perfect pearls. This was stamped with  Pine island, Pines and Rock Sm. and Oak Branch Lg. Then I added perfect pearls in greens,copper and patina colors. The Solo Duck was stamped in archival ink. I played with the design to include a winding stream after it was stamped. My light burned out and I noticed it looked more like a stream the way it was stamped and everything. So I got out my sketch pen and of course went to town. I imagined the water rushing through the pines so I added some sparkle from a star dust pen in spots where I thought it would it beat upon the rocks and were the moon would reflect on it as it moves. It looks different in all different lights-ENJOY!
3rd Entry for the Craft A Scene Challenge Moonlight.


  1. That rushing round with your husband certainly paid off. It is a stunning card. Thank you for sharing how you created it. As far as I am concerned it leaves my efforts miles behind in the dust. xx Maggie

  2. Deanna, This is another wonderful card. Love the freeness of the design. The bird flying past the moon is wonderful. Makes me think of ET. Thanks for joining us at Craft a Scene. NancyD

  3. Deanna, magic scene! Fabulous technics!

  4. Beautiful magical scene, what a gorgeous moon! Good luck and thanks for joining in on the fun at Craft a Scene challenge blog.

  5. Another gorgeous design Deanna! What a wonderful hubby for driving you around chasing the moon! lol
    I really love using Perfect Pearls on night scenes. The added shimmer gives it a whole new dimension.
    Well done! Thanks for playing along with us again at Craft A Scene!

  6. Deanna, this is stunning! WOW! and again-WOW!!!
    Our husbands-they deserve to be put on the pedestals:)


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