Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Embossing and Punch Organization

The journey of organization continues with inventorying my embossing tools and punches.  I have index cards at my desk and inventory each item as it comes into my space.

1. Embossing tools: I have made a sample of each  impression on index cards. I numbered each embossed tool and sample with corresponding numbers. This helps for quick inventory. I keep each sample with number and manufacturer on a binder ring. Embossing tools stored in snap tote with samples kept on hook at desk.

 2. Punches: Number each punch and punch a sample on index card. The sample has the manufacture and a number on it to correspond with punch for quick access. These are put on a binder ring and attached to basket were punches are stored for quick reference.

Next week I will finish  the process with spellbinders and dies. I will share my storage solution for spellbinders. I hope this inspires you with your storage solutions. Organizing our inventory is time consuming, but worth it when it saves us time and money. I know it has given me the freedom of time to be more creative knowing where and what tools I have-ENJOY!

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  1. This is something I should do- could use some organizing for sure! ;-)


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