Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ink Swatch Tip:

I love ink as much as chocolate. My theory is you can never have enough. How many times have we bought something only to find we had it at home. I tried keeping track in a notebook, but would forget to update it.  I love paint swatches with all the various colors. I did the same with my ink. I printed a blank calendar on card stock and added color. Ranger ink has color swatches of their products to download from their website. I have a lot of them so it was quick. I  put a star in the corner for re-inks. To make a paint swatch book, I cut the charts/calendar into thirds. I punched a hole in the corner, added a binder ring and now it is compact to take anywhere. I have the type of ink, company, color name and sample. This organization allows me to plan my projects and best of all save money. You can use this method for markers, paint, copics, etc. Try a method that works for you and... Enjoy!

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