Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just A Thought:

Life is full of various forms of communication: computers, phones, tablets and oh yeah!  Talking in person to one another. It is how we function in this thing called life. Mornings tend to be our busiest form of communication. Some days it goes like this, “Who took all the hot water?" “Who drank all the milk?” “Can you call, pick up, and send something or someone there/here?” But before everyone is off to school/college or work, we tell each other we love you, have a great day and be careful. Communicating in person is becoming a lost art outside the home. If your call a business these days you probably will be greeted by an automated system. There are now more self-scanners in our check outs lines then before.  More families at restaurants are texting at the table.  People are in store aisles talking out loud to a blue tooth in their ear. The scenarios go on and on. Have you notice over the years we now have to have "Greeters" in the front of  our stores. They actually get paid to say welcome and goodbye.  Why have we become such a non-personal society? Are we that busy or important we can’t converse with one another?  It is truly sad the direction we’re heading. Technology is wonderful but not at the expense of losing opportunities to make an impact or have an impact by those around us.  We were not designed to be isolated but have interpersonal communication and relationships. Take a moment today and give a smile and a warm greeting. You never know how much that can change someone’s day or even a life.

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  1. WE need to get back to talking; being with and sharing with one another....you are so right that we are indeed headed in the WRONG direction! I love reading your thoughts because they reflect what I think and feel on a daily basis. Good to know I'm not alone and wish and pray things will turn around...maybe not for us but for our Children and Grandchildren.


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