Monday, January 23, 2012

First Frost

This is one of my favorite scenes I designed and taught for a mystery class last fall. There were 3 clues given on the sign up sheet and the name of the scene. No one had any idea what the class entailed just a supply list. It was the largest scene we had ever done. It was a class that made you step out of your comfort zone to experience something new.
I did not repeat this class because it would no longer be a mystery and it gave those who signed up a one of a kind design.
When everyone in the class completed their scene, they thought they were done. Then I told them to cut it into 4 sections. Some of their expressions... priceless. They cut their scene and had a choice to make 4 card/envelope set complete with vellum band and tag  OR 2 page layout for their scrapbooks.
                           Thanks to the students for a successful and fun class.

Sometimes we need to step out 
of our comfort zone to allow 
ourselves to experience new and wonderful opportunities that might not come again.
        Step out today and enjoy! 
Supplies used: Stampscape Stamps, stickels, paint brush, gel pens, Adirondack ink, Heat Tool, card stock unknown, gloss cartoon paper, adhesive, blending tool and q tips

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  1. I LOVED this class and can't wait for others....mum's the word!


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