Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Twist on Scrapbooking

  12x12 layouts
photo sleeves 

I've been a scrapbooker for 21 years but a photo keeper longer. The hobby of scrapbooking intrigued me  so much I was hooked. I converted my old albums and created more. Over the years I became too fussy, overwhelmed and fell behind. Out of frustration I tried various sizes, hybrid and digital. 
Template and digital hybrid layouts       
Then 3 years ago I gave myself permission to break away from tradition. Now  I focus only on  the pictures and the story. I still get very creative just on a smaller scale. I use sleeve photo albums and give it my twist. I stay current and not carry tons of supplies. I knew I would be breaking "The Code" when I go to crops and retreats. I just give people something to talk about. Give yourself permission to be different  and  enjoy the process. A hobby is to be relaxing... not stressful.

keep it simple. This book covers birth -graduation. I was able to put all his memorabilia in it. The Album is 5 Up 300 photo sleeve Album.

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