Friday, January 27, 2012

Superior View

Cool breeze blows across the lake 
Causing waves to push against the shore
To wipe the remnants from  rocks and sand
Loons majestically float  across the blue abyss
Calling to each other soothes our soul to
Retreat along the shore for a Superior view
Written by Deanna O

Part 2  Class
 February 23, 6pm
February 25, 11 am

Material used in project:
Stampscapes Rubber Stamps

Tim Holtz Distress Ink
Archivial Ink black
Card stock- unknown

Monday, January 23, 2012

First Frost

This is one of my favorite scenes I designed and taught for a mystery class last fall. There were 3 clues given on the sign up sheet and the name of the scene. No one had any idea what the class entailed just a supply list. It was the largest scene we had ever done. It was a class that made you step out of your comfort zone to experience something new.
I did not repeat this class because it would no longer be a mystery and it gave those who signed up a one of a kind design.
When everyone in the class completed their scene, they thought they were done. Then I told them to cut it into 4 sections. Some of their expressions... priceless. They cut their scene and had a choice to make 4 card/envelope set complete with vellum band and tag  OR 2 page layout for their scrapbooks.
                           Thanks to the students for a successful and fun class.

Sometimes we need to step out 
of our comfort zone to allow 
ourselves to experience new and wonderful opportunities that might not come again.
        Step out today and enjoy! 
Supplies used: Stampscape Stamps, stickels, paint brush, gel pens, Adirondack ink, Heat Tool, card stock unknown, gloss cartoon paper, adhesive, blending tool and q tips

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Twist on Scrapbooking

  12x12 layouts
photo sleeves 

I've been a scrapbooker for 21 years but a photo keeper longer. The hobby of scrapbooking intrigued me  so much I was hooked. I converted my old albums and created more. Over the years I became too fussy, overwhelmed and fell behind. Out of frustration I tried various sizes, hybrid and digital. 
Template and digital hybrid layouts       
Then 3 years ago I gave myself permission to break away from tradition. Now  I focus only on  the pictures and the story. I still get very creative just on a smaller scale. I use sleeve photo albums and give it my twist. I stay current and not carry tons of supplies. I knew I would be breaking "The Code" when I go to crops and retreats. I just give people something to talk about. Give yourself permission to be different  and  enjoy the process. A hobby is to be relaxing... not stressful.

keep it simple. This book covers birth -graduation. I was able to put all his memorabilia in it. The Album is 5 Up 300 photo sleeve Album.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just A Thought:

Life is full of various forms of communication: computers, phones, tablets and oh yeah!  Talking in person to one another. It is how we function in this thing called life. Mornings tend to be our busiest form of communication. Some days it goes like this, “Who took all the hot water?" “Who drank all the milk?” “Can you call, pick up, and send something or someone there/here?” But before everyone is off to school/college or work, we tell each other we love you, have a great day and be careful. Communicating in person is becoming a lost art outside the home. If your call a business these days you probably will be greeted by an automated system. There are now more self-scanners in our check outs lines then before.  More families at restaurants are texting at the table.  People are in store aisles talking out loud to a blue tooth in their ear. The scenarios go on and on. Have you notice over the years we now have to have "Greeters" in the front of  our stores. They actually get paid to say welcome and goodbye.  Why have we become such a non-personal society? Are we that busy or important we can’t converse with one another?  It is truly sad the direction we’re heading. Technology is wonderful but not at the expense of losing opportunities to make an impact or have an impact by those around us.  We were not designed to be isolated but have interpersonal communication and relationships. Take a moment today and give a smile and a warm greeting. You never know how much that can change someone’s day or even a life.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tropical Sunsets

Advance Stampscapes Class
 (not recommended for new stampscapers)
We will be learning how to make sunset tropical Scenes using dye inks.
January 21, 2012  11am
January 24, 2012   6 pm

Discovering Horizons:

This is part 1 of 2 in a series of classes in learning how to build scenes.
This Class is for beginners and seasoned stampscapers. We will be learning how to make simple backgrounds, foregrounds, as well as masking, shadowing and blending color.
January 19th, 2012 6pm
February, 9th 2012 6pm