Monday, December 12, 2011

Just a Thought

I was raised that a homemade gift  was a special gift because you sacrificed your time and gave of your talents. It meant that you were especially thought of for that gift. This year  I saw it from a teenager's point of view. It was made to seem undesirable or to put it into their words "cheap gift". Wow... what a totally wrong concept. First of all when you give of yourself it's not cheap. So I put it into a way they could understand. The Scarf I made cost $5.99 for the yarn and  it took 3.5 hours to make. If  I was paid minimum wage that would be over $25.90. Now add the cost of the yarn. Does that sound like a cheap gift? "Well.. mom you should have bought it at the store it would have cost less". I told them "no because I gifted  my time and talent. Plus it was custom made just for that person". I can only hope and pray to instill that gift giving is about giving of yourself. Everyone has some time and talent to gift at Christmas. You just have to be creative. This season  how are you going to gift your time and talents to those around you? Enjoy!!


  1. It makes you feel good to give your time and talent. The hard part is when others don't appreciate it. Some day it will come back to the teenager when they decide to make something in the future and give it with a happy heart. Age teaches you wonderful things.

  2. SO True!! when they were little they loved to make their gifts. Now they see it as a chore mom asks for every Christmas. But some of those gifts are still hanging the tree and on the walls. Each year their carefully put up and they laugh when they see them. You can't buy those memories. Thanks


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