Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just A Thought

Christmas day I was reminded of my childhood. We would go to my grandparents in the afternoon.
Christmas began with our meal, clean up the kitchen and then open gifts. I used to think the adults would purposely talk too long at the dinner table, so we'd have to wait to open gifts. We would sneak under the tree and separate the gifts while waiting. When it came time to open gifts, everyone gathered in the living room, passed out the gifts and then ripped open the boxes. Then we were off to play outdoors. My grandpa would  hook a red wooden sleigh to a snowmobile and pull us all around the back of the woods. Then we would go back to the house for some hot chocolate. This year I was asked by my child, "when are we going to open gifts?"at their grandparents house. Wow! Now I had become my parent that took too long at the table. I am reminded that they didn't take long on purpose. They just enjoyed socializing with those around them. This season is truly about gathering together with "family" related or not to share and make new memories.  

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