Friday, December 16, 2011

FYI : Photo Stampers

I love ink with all those beautiful colors and various uses. I have used an ink called StazOn for various medias and loved it but was always nervous to try it on my precious pieces of art- my photos. After gathering info from photographers and rubber stamp companies, I had decided to experiment with StazOn with my photos.

 First experiment was with ink jet printer photos. I have found that the ink pulled my picture off  the photo when stamping. So be careful if you decide this route.
Second experiment  was  professionally developed current photos from my local store. Beautiful results no incidents!! (note: I did not try on photos from 90's or earlier.. remember photo developing has evolved over the years so please make a copy of your original before stamping on it)

Third experiment  was looking for the  pink glow around the stamp image that can occur with  certain inks. My image did not change after one week. 
Forth experiment  was seeing if it smudged easily and  the dry time. The results were amazing. The ink dries fast and left a crisp clean image. Remember to use the same caution when stamping on glossy surface.
Conclusion:  I will be including StazOn to my photo stamping along with my other  inks.
Remember to cover pad with the plastic it came with after each application. It will dry out fast. Here are some photoscapes examples. Try StazOn  with your photos and see what you think.  Enjoy!

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