Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just A Thought

Christmas day I was reminded of my childhood. We would go to my grandparents in the afternoon.
Christmas began with our meal, clean up the kitchen and then open gifts. I used to think the adults would purposely talk too long at the dinner table, so we'd have to wait to open gifts. We would sneak under the tree and separate the gifts while waiting. When it came time to open gifts, everyone gathered in the living room, passed out the gifts and then ripped open the boxes. Then we were off to play outdoors. My grandpa would  hook a red wooden sleigh to a snowmobile and pull us all around the back of the woods. Then we would go back to the house for some hot chocolate. This year I was asked by my child, "when are we going to open gifts?"at their grandparents house. Wow! Now I had become my parent that took too long at the table. I am reminded that they didn't take long on purpose. They just enjoyed socializing with those around them. This season is truly about gathering together with "family" related or not to share and make new memories.  

Friday, December 23, 2011

Stamp A Lamp

Most of my projects come to me at night, so I  design it the next morning.
The shade does not distract from the scenes when lit at night. There are three sides to the shade. Three scenes were stamped and adhered to the shade. The lamp has a beautiful  glow.
Black Cardstock and Translucent paper
Spellbinders oval nestabilities
Denim Adirondack ink
Wine Glass with narrow rim works best
Tea lite ( candle or battery)
Stampscape Stamps
Martha Stewart punch-decoration top of  lampshade

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just A Thought

Good morning,
I just love this time of morning when everyone is gone to school and work. It is still dark and peaceful. The only lights on are from the Christmas tree.  I find as I get older I enjoy these mornings more and more. I know it's not going to last long before some interruption will occur. Then the day will begin as usual, and  I will  be caught up in my day's agenda.  I savor  these times every morning to focus of ways to enhance the quality of my life and those around me.
This season I  focused on tasks that I could only give my best to. I noticed a huge difference in my life and the people around me. Less stress! I have enjoyed all the little things this season. No one suffered because there were no cut out cookies and only made 2 kinds of candy. I had the extra time to make special cards and visit with friends/family. Getting back to basics let me learn that less is truly more and  spending more time with those around you is a cherished gift. I now have memories  that otherwise  I would have missed out on had I not taken the time to re-evaluate my values. This season I pray that you will not be stressed, and take a moment to reflect on what is important to you. Remember the greatest gift was already  paid for by our Savior. Have a Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year.

Friday, December 16, 2011

FYI : Photo Stampers

I love ink with all those beautiful colors and various uses. I have used an ink called StazOn for various medias and loved it but was always nervous to try it on my precious pieces of art- my photos. After gathering info from photographers and rubber stamp companies, I had decided to experiment with StazOn with my photos.

 First experiment was with ink jet printer photos. I have found that the ink pulled my picture off  the photo when stamping. So be careful if you decide this route.
Second experiment  was  professionally developed current photos from my local store. Beautiful results no incidents!! (note: I did not try on photos from 90's or earlier.. remember photo developing has evolved over the years so please make a copy of your original before stamping on it)

Third experiment  was looking for the  pink glow around the stamp image that can occur with  certain inks. My image did not change after one week. 
Forth experiment  was seeing if it smudged easily and  the dry time. The results were amazing. The ink dries fast and left a crisp clean image. Remember to use the same caution when stamping on glossy surface.
Conclusion:  I will be including StazOn to my photo stamping along with my other  inks.
Remember to cover pad with the plastic it came with after each application. It will dry out fast. Here are some photoscapes examples. Try StazOn  with your photos and see what you think.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shabby Chic Stationary Sets

New Class
These stationary sets make beautiful gifts. You have a choice of two designs. When you open this  pocket folder you will find 8 note cards and 8 envelopes to match.  The note cards will look like the picture on the front of the folder.  Class supply list is available with sign up sheet at the store.      December 20, at 11am  &   December 21, at 6pm

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Stampscape Christmas

                                      Winter Photoscape Class
This is my Stampscape's Christmas Tree.  The  glass ornaments are made from Stampscapes and the pictures are my upcoming class  Details at store.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just a Thought

I was raised that a homemade gift  was a special gift because you sacrificed your time and gave of your talents. It meant that you were especially thought of for that gift. This year  I saw it from a teenager's point of view. It was made to seem undesirable or to put it into their words "cheap gift". Wow... what a totally wrong concept. First of all when you give of yourself it's not cheap. So I put it into a way they could understand. The Scarf I made cost $5.99 for the yarn and  it took 3.5 hours to make. If  I was paid minimum wage that would be over $25.90. Now add the cost of the yarn. Does that sound like a cheap gift? "Well.. mom you should have bought it at the store it would have cost less". I told them "no because I gifted  my time and talent. Plus it was custom made just for that person". I can only hope and pray to instill that gift giving is about giving of yourself. Everyone has some time and talent to gift at Christmas. You just have to be creative. This season  how are you going to gift your time and talents to those around you? Enjoy!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Plate full of Poinsettias

 It looks like a plate of cookies but it's not. These tags were made for a friend who  owns a beading store. They are fun to make, plus are pretty and sparkly.  They are  made to hang on the tree as an ornament too. Homemade tags add such a special touch to any present. Make some tags for those special gifts. Use your imagination and enjoy. 
Cricut Cartridge-Joys of the season-   folded round ornament 3"
Spellbinders Nested Poinsettias shapeabilities- small and med die
Diamond Stickles
Glossy accents glue
Plastic pearls 
  1. Cut from poinsettia die 1 small and 1 med flower out of cardstock
  2. Cut 1  med flower out  green cardstock
  3. Clip in between each petal and fold each petal down with pencil   
  4. Stack flowers  from green on bottom to small  pink flower on top with glue.(picture as guide)
  5. Take a pencil (eraser end) and push  down in the center of poinsettia on mouse pad to form indent in center
  6. Add pearls  in center with glue add stickles
  7. Add ribbon  to ornament then glue poinsettia  on front of ornament and let dry.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Memory Album

This  is  my first little album I made for Christmas. It is on display in our dining room for family and friends to journal in. Each family member is given a page to write down their thoughts and even place a picture. This album was made with various supplies I had on hand. I did a collage on the front  and made enough pages for everyone in the family.( even Buddy). Then I added extra pages for  guest to journal in when they come over during the holidays.  Check you scrap pile and you will be amazed what you can create. Make you own memory book. It doesn't have to be complicated just enjoy process!
Papers: Graphic 45, Hot off the press,
Jack/ Cat Curio, paper studio,solids unknown,      
Dies Spellbinders,Martha Stewart punch, paper punch
Inks/medias: Tim Holtz distress inks, Ala mode,
 Ranger stickles, Crackle paint, glossy accents 
Embellishments: brads-unknown, 
Tim Holtz fragments/tickets
Stamps: Stampscapes, Recollection
Ribbon: various scraps


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just A Thought

Good morning
The sun is shining and it is a cold brisk day. Can't believe it is almost Christmas. I remember when I was a child, I couldn't wait for Christmas to come. Now I long for extra days to get everything done. The Christmas preparation of  decorating the house, school activities, church programs, office parties, visiting, making homemade treats, Christmas cards and gifts. Makes me tired just writing it down. This year I sat down and decided  to focus only on those tasks that  I could give my best to. Keep my focus that Christmas is about giving my best to all around me. When we are at our best we tend  to give our best. After all our father in heaven gave his best. Why don't we this Christmas?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome to my first post

After learning how to set this up. I am getting excited for all the wonderful possibilities. Although our dog Buddy is feeling left out right now. I thought I would dedicate my first post to him. He sits and over sees my projects when my kitchen is covered in paper, ink, stamps and die machines. We are currently working on our Christmas gifts. I will be sharing our latest creation soon. Have a great day everyone!!